Navigating Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions at MyRehab with Discovery Key Care

At MyRehab Dual Diagnosis Addiction Centres, insurance coverage for rehabilitation, including cases with pre-existing conditions, can vary by policy. Discovery Key Care, like other insurers, has its own terms. Here’s how to understand your coverage:

Factors Impacting Insurance for Rehab

– Waiting Periods: These may apply before coverage for pre-existing conditions starts.

-Coverage Limits: Different policies have various limits on the cost and duration.

– Pre-approval Requirements: Some insurances ask for authorization before commencing rehab services.

– Network Restrictions: Insurers may cover services within a pre-approved network.

Steps for Clarifying Your Coverage

– Review Policy Details: Check your contract for clauses related to rehab and pre-existing conditions.

– Contact Your Insurer: Speak to Discovery Key Care for information about your specific policy and its rehab coverage.

– Discuss with MyRehab: Our team can help with your insurance queries and assist with documentation for claims.

MyRehab Assistance

We aim to facilitate access to our treatments. If you’re unsure about your insurance cover, especially regarding pre-existing conditions, the MyRehab team is ready to help you understand your options.

For precise information about your coverage for rehab services at MyRehab, touch base with Discovery Key Care and our admissions team. We’re dedicated to supporting your journey to recovery every step of the way.