What are the common exclusions in Discovery Medical Aid plans for drug and alcohol rehabilitation?

Addiction Treatment Coverage with Discovery Medical Aid 

Understanding treatment coverage under Discovery Medical Aid is essential before embarking on addiction recovery. It’s important to know that treatments not considered medically necessary, or those not provided by registered healthcare professionals, are generally excluded from coverage.

Managed Care at Addiction Recovery Centre

Ensuring Medical Necessity and Professional Standards

Addiction Recovery Centre works with Discovery Medical Aid to align our treatment plans with their coverage criteria. We provide medically necessary treatment administered by licensed healthcare professionals.

A Team of Qualified Professionals

Our dedicated staff of clinical psychologists, therapists, and doctors creates comprehensive treatment regimens. These address substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues, complying with Discovery’s standards.

Navigating Insurance Plans and Coverage

Understanding Your Discovery Medical Aid Plan

We encourage you to examine your insurance plan closely. Look for specifics on pre-authorization, coverage limitations, and registration requirements for healthcare providers.

Supporting Your Journey

Addiction Recovery Centre experts guide you through understanding your policy, planning for treatment, and obtaining the necessary approvals. We’re here to simplify the path to your recovery. In short, with potential medical aid exclusions, ARC ensures that our programs are well within Discovery’s bounds. We provide evidence-based care in a supportive environment, meeting both medical and insurance expectations.

Your Recovery, Our Commitment

If you’re looking to start rehabilitation with Discovery Medical Aid benefits, contact Addiction Recovery Centre today. We help clarify your coverage details and facilitate a smooth admission process.