What plans does Discovery offer for rehabilitation coverage?

Discover Rehabilitation Coverage Through Discovery Medical Aid Plans #

At Addiction Recovery Centre(ARC), we understand the intricacies of selecting a plan with Discovery Medical Aid that supports comprehensive rehab services, especially crucial for dual diagnosis treatments.

Comprehensive Plans for Robust Rehab Needs #

Extensive Coverage for Diverse Medical Needs

Discovery’s Comprehensive Plans provide extensive benefits for both in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatments. They are ideal for those facing dual diagnosis and requiring multi-faceted, long-term care.

Priority Plans Balancing In-Patient and Out-Patient Care #

Middle Ground with Emphasis on In-Hospital Care

If you seek significant in-hospital coverage while balancing out-of-hospital care, Priority Plans offer a suitable middle ground. They remain substantial in supporting intense rehabilitation requirements.

Saver Plans Offering Flexibility for Out-of-Hospital Expenses #

In-Hospital Coverage Plus Savings for Out-Patient Services

For basic in-hospital rehab coverage complemented by the convenience of a Medical Savings Account, Saver Plans provide a budget-conscious option while accommodating necessary treatments.

Tailored Treatment at Addiction Recovery Centre(ARC) #

Seamless Benefit Access for Personalized Care Plans

Addiction Recovery Centre(ARC) works with you to ensure the most suitable coverage from Discovery Medical Aid. We focus on personalized, holistic treatment plans that include the necessary support for substance abuse and mental health issues.

Navigating Your Discovery Plan with Addiction Recovery Centre(ARC) ‘s Expertise #

Expert Guidance Through Insurance Details

Our admissions team excels at clarifying the intricacies of your Discovery Medical Aid coverage. We ensure a deep understanding of how your plan serves your specific rehab needs, helping to alleviate the stress of financial planning for your treatment journey.

Addiction Recovery Centre(ARC) are committed to providing high-quality treatment that’s accessible and rooted in a clear understanding of your medical coverage.

Ready to take the next step in your recovery? Contact Addiction Recovery Centre(ARC) for expert assistance with your Discovery Medical Aid plan and to learn how we can support your journey to wellness.